Jen's Art

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As a child, I entertained myself. You could find me spending hours playing with toys inventing stories and crafting a make-believe world. Even when watching TV, I spent my time drawing house plans, sketching eyes and noses, painting rocks and sand dollars, etc. Imagination and creativity were my best friends as most of my childhood was spent like an only child since my siblings are fourteen and sixteen years older than me. My inner world was vast.

As I grew, I got further away from creating. In fact, it was a hidden part of me. Then, after I got married in my late 20s, I started painting acrylics on canvas. I would take pictures from travels and try to replicate them. They were rough, but I enjoyed it.

In my 30s, I began using art as a therapy tool as my husband and I walked through a season of infertility. I found immense freedom in creating with broad strokes and bold colors. This is a period I started creating outside of the lines through abstract mixed media.

After my two miracle boys came into our lives, there was less time and head and heart space to create. So, there was a pause on my growth as an artist.

Who knew that when you hit 40 that the way you have defined life turns upside down? My forties have been years filled with humble growth. These pieces were birthed in the ways I grew spiritually as I learned more deeply about my own vulnerability.

This past summer, I began experimenting with watercolor drawings and paintings. As both of my children have been in school for the first time, I have found myself painting more and more, and I have begun to share those works with others.


I have created several collages of cities in Tennessee embracing the past and the present.
Fine Art Prints Available
L+N Depot in Knoxville, Tennessee
Market Square in Knoxville

I love painting places that mean something to my experience! As my boys headed off to school this year, I explored and painted our city. These are available in prints. Knoxville is close to my heart!

Commissioned paintings

this homeowner bought one and then gifted one to the woman who grew up there.
I loved painting this barn that is now a wedding venue and space for precious memories for a sweet family. History and memories in a picture…

It was such a pleasure to paint these homes that represent places where children were born, places where new memories will be made, pictures of restoration and hope.

I do a limited number of commissions, and I would love to help you. you may contact me through email or my Etsy page in the block below.