Letting go of the ball…

hpim1198.jpghpim1198.jpgBailey, our boxer, is a quirky dog.  She loves to play with her pink ball, and she will go find it on command.  She loves for us to throw the ball to catch it, but she will not let the ball go for us to throw it again.  She runs around the room taunting us with the ball for us to catch her to throw it.  She does not get the concept that if she gives us the ball, we will throw it for her to have fun.  We will not take it away and punish her, but she acts as if that is what she believes will happen.  The light went on in my head. That is exactly what I do with God.  He holds all good things in his hand, and He promises to work for our good.  Yet, I hold on to things in fear thinking that I know better.  He longs for me to let go and live in the joy and peace of trusting his Sovreign hand.   When I do trust and let go, I remember that.  My memory does not last for long, though.  I begin to worry about finances or friendships or the future or that I know better how to take care of myself.  Oh to remember today the joy of trusting my father to lead me in running in the path of his commands.  The freedom of surrender bounding to get the ball. 

Published by jenpinkner

45 years old Married Mom to 2 From Tennessee

2 thoughts on “Letting go of the ball…

  1. Okay, so I am learning about this blogging thing, and I have a lot to learn about importing pictures. Enjoy the picture of Bailey’s butt.

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