Respectable Sins

I am reading a book by Jerry Bridges called Respectable Sins.  I HIGHLY recommend this book for those who are ready to grow deeper in Christ.  Jerry Bridges is a highly respected teacher, leader and writer who works for the Navigators organization.     


This book takes a realistic look at sin and the gospel of grace while helping to expose those sins that are tolerated in the church.  He touches on ungodliness, anxiety, anger, frustration, gossip, discontentment.  It is a biblically solid look at the command of putting to death sins.  He reminds the reader of the deep hope in the gospel of where we stand in Christ.    



 In the book, he also speaks of the concept of dependent responsibility.  We do not grow on our own, yet we do not sit back and not work at our Christian lives.   “We are responsible before God to obey His Word, to put to death the sins in our lives, both the so-called acceptable sins and the obviously non-acceptable ones.  At the same time, we do not have the ability within ourselves to carry out this responsibility.  We are in fact totally dependent upon the enabling power of the Holy Spirit.”    


 Check this book out.  However, you may only find it on if you are in the Knoxville area.  Quite the irony that none if any Christian retailers in the area are carrying it.  Think on that one… 

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