It was once lost…and it was bad!

I’ve been a bit of a bundle of nerves this week.  Last week, I was spending time with girls at my second home, Panera, when I happened to notice that my wedding rings were not present in their usual spot.  At first, I thought “oh I must have forgotten to put them on this morning–they are by my bed.”   I got home and checked the usual spots to much inner panic…they were not there.  This was my mind this week…”where could they be?  Did Greg take them for a surprise?  Did Bailey eat them and they are in a surprise package in the backyard?  I am in big trouble!  I will never get a replacement…They are only jewelry.  They are a symbol…but I am in deep trouble.”  Imagine a knot growing exponentially in my stomach with each passing hour while trying to play it cool, calm and collected on the outside.    Fast forward two days to where I am looking under every piece of furniture, in every drawer, in the washer, dryer, vacuum cleaner…because yes, this would be the week that I tried to be super clean!  Finally, in a last ditch effort, I looked in the cushions in the couch, AND….I found my engagement ring.  Swhooooo!  I called Greg, who was in the middle of Blockbuster, and cried tears of joy.  He, then, let out a collective sigh and said I would not have even gotten a cubic zirconia if the ring was lost.  (A side note…even though internally angry and frustrated, Greg was a jewel (no pun intended) through the whole process.)  I think the wedding ring itself is lodged in a mechanism in the couch.  Ruin the couch versus get my ring…I think I will go with being able to enjoy the couch nightly.     You are saying to yourself, where is the spiritual lean in this blog?  Well, I did thank the Lord.  I also examined my heart that it would have been okay–it is a piece of jewelry that I will not take with me.  But, I am seriously relieved!  I am also reminded of the parables of the lost coin and the lost sheep.  Greg and I were remarking at the people through the years that slip in and slip out as quickly.  People who seem to be walking with Christ and then they run or slip away as fast because they love their sin/the world.  Do I diligently pursue those who are struggling, those who do not know the wonderful truth and gift that he is?  It is something to think about.  It is something that Jesus told us to think about through these parables…rejoicing over the one sinner that truly has come to repentance.  I rejoiced over the ring on Friday, and now, may I rejoice over the things that really matter–people in repentance coming to know the true treasure, Christ. 

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45 years old Married Mom to 2 From Tennessee

3 thoughts on “It was once lost…and it was bad!

  1. Actually, I thought of Tommy a lot during this process because he has lost and replaced his wedding ring multiple times. But, Greg reminded me that his man ring was not as expensive!

  2. Ha, that’s exactly who I just thought of, too. Except I think he might have more than just one story…4 or so? 🙂 So, add all those up and maybe he’ll come to half the cost of your one engagement ring…depending on how big a spender Greg is.

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