My body just ain’t what it used to be…

Whoa.  I am almost 33 (just a month and a half away), and my body is telling a new story.  Two nights ago, I stayed up reading a book until 2 in the morning and awoke early (a few hours later).  Factor in the time change and talking with and leading people all day long after that, and you get a big pile of brain and body mush.    All of this to say…my body aches and the recovery is going to be longer than a few cups of coffee.   I can look to the hairs on the top of my head, the forming wrinkles that frame my smile and the achiness in my joints to remind me this world does not revolve around me.  I guess we all think we will be young and feel the same way forever, and the consequence of sin gives us a reminder that we are but dust in this world.  Here today and gone tomorrow…I need some more coffee to help this day count!    I am reminded that apart from Jesus, I can do nothing…apparently this even includes forming a sentence:).  I stop in my rambling, tired state and remember the beauty and gift of life.   I am thankful today for a bed to sleep in to recover, a computer to communicate on, good coffee to enjoy, people to relate with deeply, a car to drive, His word to enjoy and learn from, two legs (however achy) that will get me where I need to go to serve and love him, a husband that can laugh with me, people on the other side of a phone I can share my heart with, a church that is following after Jesus, a family who cares, the girls in Lonsdale I got to laugh and share with yesterday, the sunshine, hardships which make me want to quit but instead stretch and grow me in the sufficiency and love of Christ… I need to be reminded daily to be thankful.  I pray that each time I feel tired today or achy that my mind move to thankfulness instead of weariness.  May I make the day count in His Kingdom and for His glory. 

Published by jenpinkner

45 years old Married Mom to 2 From Tennessee

One thought on “My body just ain’t what it used to be…

  1. I’m thankful that God’s love is untouched by the effects of sin—no wrinkles…no alzheimers….no weird aging quirks. I’m thankful that His love doesn’t sag…doesn’t forget…doesn’t die. Thanks for a post that reflects on our time here on earth—because it reminded me of what isn’t happening to God. You are loved—

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