This week…

This week marks the week of Christ’s suffering and death  and ressurection.  It has been a blessing already as I have read the scriptures of his entry into Jerusalem and his ministry in the first part of the week.   Yesterday, I was reminded in personal time with God and at church that Jesus did not deliver the kind of ruler and person  the Jews expected.  Conviction set over my heart as I pondered the idol I have made of Christ in my life and the idol the church has made.  As, I read this morning about Jesus cursing the fig tree, cleansing the temple and telling the Parable of the Tenants, I was amazed and humbled.   I was reminded of Isaiah after he saw God…declaring I am a woman of unclean lips.   The church declares many things about Christ…depending upon which flavor you get.  There is a lot of talk today about the mercy and love without the might, wrath and justice.  In God’s word, all are beautifully written.  In Christ, all are beautifully portrayed.   Today my memory was jarred to the fact that Jesus spoke about the judgement of God plainly at the beginning of the Passion week.   I am reminded of the judgement that I soooooo deserve, and I weep in thankful humbleness at the work of Christ on my behalf.  He took my judgement for my sin.  He bore the wrath.  He bore the shame.  It is finished.  May I praise Him all of my days and not live as though it is not so.   I encourage you to examine your hearts this week…examine His scriptures.  Forgiveness is not given universally to all…but to those who by His Spirit, repent(turn) from their sin and confess  and believe that Jesus is  Lord and that he died for one’s sins and was resurrected to give them new life (he has beaten death).    It is not merely a prayer or words but a true surrender of the heart.   O Praise the One who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead! 

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