Purposed thoughts

This past week, I took time to reflect and study the last week of Jesus’ life before his death and resurrection.  I do not recall an Easter that was so meaningful.  His word focused and directed me to meditate on Christ and his cross and my wretchedness.  I know it sounds simple, but I find that sometimes the simplest of things I skip.  Our church had a Good Friday service on Friday night, and it was one of the most special times there I have experienced.  I know it was enhanced because my heart had been prepared all week to reflect on the beauty and suffering of Christ.  Greg spoke on the seven things Jesus said from the cross, and I found myself broken and hopeful all at the same time.  The crescendo was yesterday morning….our greatest sorrow at Christ’s death turned into the explosion of the greatest joy at His resurrection.  I had the priviledge of helping to lead worship yesterday and celebrate the Beautiful Savior, and it was a gift to be able to join with His saints and sing His praise. This week, Greg and I met with a man from our church who reminded me that nothing we have is our own or by our own merit.  God does not need us (another simple truth I can forget in the pace of life), but He invites us to join Him and use the gifts He has given us to point others to Him.  He gave me forgiveness and abundant life in Him and graciously has given me ways to share that with others.  I am humbled and my heart rejoices at the beauty of my King, Jesus.  May I reflect on who He is and who I am and be reminded that He is all!  

Published by jenpinkner

45 years old Married Mom to 2 From Tennessee

One thought on “Purposed thoughts

  1. Amen… I am hoping to get Greg’s Good Friday message.

    I enjoyed Sunday morning. May it be a reminder to us of His faithfulness. “Here I raise my Ebenenzer…” MD

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