What’s in a Name?

I am in the throws of finding a name for the Women’s discipleship ministry I am starting. They need name books like for baby names for ministry…so I would know what was already taken. Of course I want to find a name that grabs the attention and that means something. And, I want to avoid the cliche names that signify butterflies and flowers:). I also do not want a name that you have to have a PhD to read because it is so long.
I thought I would open up for suggestions from my friends in the blog world. I have tossed around the name “Remain” from John 15 because it so signifies what I want people to grasp–remaining in Christ and His word daily in order to walk with Him and bear fruit. Remain means to stay with the same person…Then there is “Abide” which means to wait for, to endure without yielding, to bear patiently and to remain stable. Then there is the word “Conform” which can be catchy because that is a word that people shy away from in society…this means to be similar/identical/ in agreement and harmony with/to be obedient and compliant.
It is like every creative gene in my body has left the building. I have a long list of brainstormed names, but those are the ones above that connected a bit with me. Greg looked up the word godliness in Greek and it is “Eusebia,” but it just doesn’t sound catchy.
Of course, godliness doesn’t catch on with the world…So.
Okay, so pour them on me….let your creative juices flow. Think…One-on-One Discipleship of young women and equipping women for One-On-One Discipleship relationships…think strong Biblical base…and Go!

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45 years old Married Mom to 2 From Tennessee

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