PCB–where to get “good” airbrush art

I have been in Panama City Beach for a long weekend with Greg as he spoke at Prestonwood Baptist Church’s senior high camp. A good time was had by all. Even though it was tempting, I restrained from purchasing any airbrushed items. The place takes me back to the only airbrushed item I have ever commissioned–a konga hat with the name “Foxy Coxy” on it. I was at camp with my church, and I had aquired that nickname earlier in the summer. I just shake my head now that I reflect on my brazenness. It was actually a second grade kid who yelled “Foxy Coxy come to Popsi” mistakenly at my mom…and I inherited the name. My friend, Stephen, actually gave him the idea. I continued in my lack of discernment when I told people in college about the nickname. There is something about being in PCB or Gatlinburg that causes people to throw their money away at items which they will never wear or bear to look at again…unless of course you are into the airbrushed license plates…to quote Seinfeld, “not that there’s anything wrong with that!”

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6 thoughts on “PCB–where to get “good” airbrush art

  1. I think that the next time you’re around a good (and I use the term loosely) airbrush place…you and Greg should get matching shirts with a big pink sunset and 2 good + 2 be true = 4 ever airbrushed…maybe a good anniversary gift idea, huh?????? 🙂 🙂 🙂 I only know about those b/c I vacationed in PCB every summer my entire life, and I’ve seen about a million of them walking up and down the beach…they don’t call it the redneck riviera for nothing!

  2. Don’t you think pink is an essential airbrush color…and I think sunsets are a necessity as well:). I like the anniversary idea. we will be back there in a couple of weeks for the last camp of the summer. Just in time for our anniversary at the beginning of August!

  3. Ha, he never ceases to surprise me…He just retold the story about the overalls and said, and I quote “when they were cool.”

  4. My brother broke his foot this week and got a sweet cast. I’m trying to convince him to do what Zach did when he broke his arm and go get it airbrushed… ha ha
    Thanks for having breakfast with me today, and for painting the most amazing banner (we’ve shown it proudly to several other helpers), and for being fun to be with. Send my love to Bailey!

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