Remembering God’s Faithfulness

For those of you who go to church with me at Fellowship, this will be a reminder of yesterday’s sermon.
I awoke yesterday with the stirring in my heart from God that I needed to be disciplined about thankfulness. This was brought on by remembering that I had forgotten the total blessing God had given Greg and me by providing his Humira medicine so quickly and faithfully in the spring. I was already on to worrying about the here and now and not being thankful about how his provision had changed our life in the here and now. I read a chapter in a book about unthankfulness earlier this year that challenged me to be obedient and purposeful about thanking God in all things. God tends to bring everything together–He is good like that. He brought it all together yesterday in the sermon Rick Dunn preached on Hope. Rick challenged us to remember God’s faithfulness to us by giving us a passage in Nehemiah 9 to read (another one of my favorites is Psalm 106). So, yesterday, with more than ample urging from God, I spent time remembering with Greg.
I want to thank God for his faithfulness in:
Providing medicine and financial means for the medicine for Greg’s Rheumatoid Arthritis

giving me a husband who loves God’s word and knows Him–and gives way more grace to me than I do to him

Giving me new life in God through the blood of Jesus Christ

giving me hope and purpose

Healing my physical heart 5 years ago so that I may serve Him fully without fainting and fatigue

Providing a Rheumatologist that loves Greg and is a part of our church body

Leading us to Fellowship Church

Providing us with friends who are real and authentic

Leading me and gifting me to work with young adult women

Financial provision–house, cars, clothing, food, etc, etc

Giving me an earthly father who loved Jesus, showed me His love, was gentle and grounded me not to look to the world for affection to fill me up–who gave me plenty of hugs and kind words and disciplined me

giving us a dog that we enjoy laughing and playing with

Having grace on us to draw us deeper into His word–His truth year by year

Giving us examples of people who are real in their faith–who expose their hearts

Drawing my niece back into walking deeply with you after a time of unwise decisions

Providing a family that I enjoy being around–laughing with, sharpening

Calling me to UTK for college–with hard times, learning about God’s sovereignty

Showing me that obedience (ie going to UTK) oft times has a reason for the here and now and the later (I am now involved with college ministry on campus)

For the bringing the hardest 3 years of my life, thus far, to draw me more intimately to you–for every tear and frustration in coming to the end of myself, it has been worth it to know you in a way I never have before

What are you thankful for in remembering God’s faithfulness?

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45 years old Married Mom to 2 From Tennessee

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