Book Recommendation: The Discipline of Grace

This summer, I have been reading The Discipline of Grace with several of the young women I have been meeting with. I finally finished it this week, and I HIGHLY recommend it. It is written by Jerry Bridges…yes, the author in which I quote all the time talking about Respectable Sins. The poor girls I meet with are getting beaten down with me bringing it up in every conversation:).
The book goes into reminding us of the truth of the gospel and the need for God’s grace daily. For many, we struggle with trying to earn God’s favor after being justified by his grace…or we live in such guilt that we are imprisoned or live in self-righteousness as we compare ourselves to others. This book teaches and reminds how to apply the gospel to one’s life daily. Theologically, it is very sound and steeped in the word. It addresses the nature of sin and atonement. It also calls us to live and walk forward in holiness always stressing God’s grace in the gospel. The spiritual disciplines are addressed as the path for spiritual growth in grace. He touches on things such as prayer, Bible study, scripture memory and meditation, commitment, etc. all in the reminder that we must be reminded of the gospel and it’s power in the pursuit instead of simply our own willpower. He uses the phrase “dependant discipline” or also “dependant responsibility.” In our growth, there are two wings–dependence on the Spirit and discipline in growth. Just like an airplane, we cannot fly with merely one wing.
I think so much of this book, that I have decided to use it with all girls that I meet with and the women’s group I am going to lead to equip women to disciple other women. Again, do not pick this book up if you do not want to be challenged! It will challenge your habits and your thinking patterns. It will also hold a mirror up to your heart and the secret sins and habits that are there. Once that truth is revealed, there is a response that has to come. This book is great for a new Christian and a seasoned one.

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