Okay, so this was my last hiatus from blogging before the fall kicks off. Our last few weeks have been a little crazy. The last full week in July, we were in Panama City for Sonburn camp with our friends at Central Baptist Bearden. It was an awesome week where the gospel was proclaimed and fellowship was really sweet. One of my favorite parts was the cyclone–picture 35 or more people in a small pool walking round and round for several minutes and then “riding” the wave. It was hilarious!
After we got back into town, I thought it was life as normal. I was shopping in Walmart (my favorite:(), and my mom called me. She was at the beach (my aunt’s place in South Carolina) with some friends. She told me I should come down. So, I called Greg, and a few hours later I was off to the beach for 3 days. It is definitely the most spontaneous thing I have done in a long time. I threw stuff in the car and listened to podcasts on the way down. I also stayed on the beach all day long and studied, made a budget for the new ministry, studied some more and enjoyed beautiful weather in my favorite place on earth.
I drove back on Sunday at 7 am and got back in time to turn around for an hour and pack the car to go to the lake for about two days with Greg. Our 7 year anniversary was Monday. My favorite part to relive was reinacting all the things the older ladies said to Greg during our reception:). We discovered we did not have cell service at the lake, so it was a bit refreshing. However, it was not refreshing for my nephew, Andrew, who was keeping our dog, Bailey. He accidentally got locked out, and from what I hear, it was a panicky scene. Our future nephew-in-law, Ben–otherwise penned by himself as the new “Macgyver”, got in by shimmying the lock.
I got a lot of work done while I was away with no distractions from laundry, internet, phone calls, cleaning, errands, etc. I am looking forward to the fall with anticipation. It is funny, though, how it does not take much to bring anxiety back around when you spend too much time catching up on the computer!
Tomorrow I meet with a lawyer to move forward legally on the nonprofit ministry. Then, next week, I meet with an accountant. I am excited that women have responded to go forward and be on the board. Things are coming together! Pray for all of us! Unless something weird happens in life, I am here to stay in Knoxville for the fall!

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45 years old Married Mom to 2 From Tennessee

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