I’m back…

     Well, I am not back in the exact frame of mind I was hoping for.  When I took the “break” for December I imagined coming back invigorated and refreshed to hit the ground running in 2009.  Funny how the best laid plans come up short.  I had slated a break from all things WDC for December, but because of some things with my lawyer, that did not happen.  I did give my brain a rest from study specifically for WDC for a few weeks, and we did have a good week in Texas with Greg’s family.  I tried to relax last week.  This past month has been challenging in a few ways with the consequence being loss of sleep.  For a stretch of days, I saw many more infomercials than I ever cared to see:).   (I am strangely drawn to the Sham-wow, for those of you who have seen that one.)

       As I was praying this morning, I was reminded that in literally EVERY area of my life, I desperately need to rely on and remain in God.  I know God is sovereign over all things…including my last month.  He has taught me and disciplined me with his love in the midst of sadness, frustration, bad moods, joys, traffic jams, consumerism, laughter, laziness, worry, and glory in his birth and death and resurrection.  I have to relearn his glorious gospel of grace everyday.  I also have to relearn that He is gracious on a scale that I cannot comprehend.  Always, I come to Him trying to make it up to him…pay penance or something, and always, I am reminded that he does not work that way because of the blood of Jesus Christ.  So, I start this day as I start this year…weak, needy, frustrated, and desperately seeking my Father.  Though painful at times, this is the best place to be.  For when I feel on top of things, I inevitably forget the very One for which I am made and redeemed to bring glory.  

      On a much lighter note, I have made one New Year’s resolution:  making my bed everyday.  I know that fits in with the developmental scale for a 3rd grader, but I missed that goal a long time ago.  I have done it 5 for 5, and I am proud.

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4 thoughts on “I’m back…

  1. I LOVE the Shamwow…if you decide to try it out, let me know. I have seen two lately that I find disturbing…Big Happie (yes, happie) hair, which basically makes you look like Priscilla Pressley on her wedding day, and the Strap perfect…they both look intriguing! Props on the bed-making. Mine is to lose 20 lbs by AK’s birthday…we’ll see! SO glad you’re back! We need to have lunch soon!

  2. Ha! I missed the Big Happie, but I have definitely seen some uses for the Strap Perfect…Yes, lunch definitely soon. Maybe we could work next week in…

  3. Ha! Making my bed is one of my goals too!! I’ve been on top of it so far. We will see how it goes. But it sure does make me feel better about my day:)

  4. “Always, I come to Him trying to make it up to him…pay penance or something, and always, I am reminded that he does not work that way because of the blood of Jesus Christ.”

    I suppose this is one of our great problems…I (we) tend to pursue a relationship with God by trying to do something for Him…as if He didn’t accomplish it through the blood of Jesus. Great reminder to an ever-recovering legalist.

    Btw: Glad to have you back & congratulations on making your bed–5 for 5. Sometimes we need to celebrate the victories!

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