See Bailey…

      For those of you who know us, you are well aware of our Boxer Bailey.  Lately, she has been a handful.  Before we got her, we had our back forest cleared  and  connected a wood fence to all our neighbors chain link fences.  In the last few months, she has been the neighborhood phenomenon climbing over many a chain link fence.  It is pretty amazing to see.

       We have tried cheap remedies–rabbit wire twisted in a concoction over the chain link fences, a shock collar (which she found to be nothing but a minor annoyance), and watching her with an eagle eye (I mean, what am I, a stay at home dog mom?).  Yesterday signaled the end of the line…let’s put it in the ole “See Spot Run” story line.

11:30 am

      See Bailey run.  See Bailey scale the fence.  See Bailey scale another fence.  See Bailey chase the neighbor dog, Jordan….into her house…her owner’s house.  See Jen look for Bailey.  See the neighbor inform Jen that Bailey has been their house guest.  See Jen mortified.  See Jen throw her hands up.

5:30 pm

    See Bailey run.  See Bailey scale the fence.  See Bailey scale another fence.  See Bailey chase and provoke other neighbor dogs with her stealth and speed.  See Bailey chase the neighbors cat into their house (not the same as before).  See the neighbor laugh at the spectacle.  See Jen and Greg throw their hands up.  See Jen and Greg get a loan for a wood fence.  

9 pm

     See Bailey snoozing exhausted on the couch.  It has been a great day!


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45 years old Married Mom to 2 From Tennessee

3 thoughts on “See Bailey…

  1. So, you’re putting Bailey’s elusive ninja days to a halt, huh? Or maybe you’re going to kill the vampire in her with wooden stakes…or a fence. You need to get he climbing skills on video! I think you could win some moo-la on America’s Funniest Home Videos out of this.

  2. Jen, i know that you are aware of the fact that you most likely have spiritual children..all the young women that you pour your life into are there to soak up your nurturing spirit, to be taught my your example, to see how you handle adversity..that’s what mothers do.
    Also, that is what you are called to do with this season of your life and if you spend it longing for the next stage you will miss out on the beauty of this time in your life.
    May it encourage you that Abraham, Issac and Jacob’s wives were all barren..and that when GOD chose to open the womb, HE gave life, even when all possibilities were gone.Their husbands prayed for them to concieve,and no doubt those women tirelessly poured out their hearts to God about wanting children..and every time, with every woman, they waited and acknowledged GOD as the giver of Life.
    I do not know, nor can imagine exactly what you feel. But as you know..our Father is holding you and your future with very capable, careful, loving and gentle hands..
    Much love,
    PS do i get to see you at Bethany’s shower this weekend? I know its a Sun, but you could be late….jk. Would love to see you!

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