Happy Easter!

This past weekend was a good time to reflect and worship. The last few years, Greg and I keep saying we are going to watch “The Passion of the Christ” on Good Friday to no avail. However, this year, we watched it together on Saturday. It was so good to posture my heart in humility…to focus on Christ. It also brought the hope of Easter morning with a bang.
Greg preached his first official Easter sermons yesterday for 3 services. He is paying for it today as he prepares for Crossroad. Such is life since Rheumatoid Arthritis reared its ugly head a little over a year ago. The bounce back time takes longer and little things take a greater toll. With that, I learned how to use our riding lawn mower yesterday and conquered the front yard. It was beautiful outside, and I was glad to do it.
We also got to enjoy a great lunch on china at our friends Jacob and Beth’s house. Thanks, guys.
As I look toward the next few weeks, I am hopeful and feel the heaviness of a busy schedule. Next week, we go to Chicago for the Gospel Coalition conference. We will get to hang out there for a few days. I am excited about going to a city I’ve never been to, being out of town with my husband, spending time with Rick and Teresa Dunn, and going to an amazing conference on 2 Timothy. When we fly back, I will be driving to Memphis for Tiffany and Chris’s wedding. I will be singing for it–a first for me by myself at a wedding. I am honored to serve them, and I am excited for them. Then, the day after I get back, I turn 34. I don’t like the fact that I can be grouped with mid-30s, but I still make it into the 18-34 demographic!
Today, I pray that preparing for this week and next, I do not neglect the opportunities of today. I pray that I not forget Easter–the hope of new life–in the midst. Did I mention I’m excited about Chicago?

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45 years old Married Mom to 2 From Tennessee

One thought on “Happy Easter!

  1. hi Jen. i just want to say that i enjoy reading your blog and that it is great encouragement to me. i would still love to meet up with you for coffee so let me know what would work for you, i know you are quite busy~joy

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