Where has the time gone?

Summer was just beginning, and now it’s gone. Poof, and I am much more tired than when it began. How can that be? Summer is traditionally the time for rest in our house. During the school year, there are at least 2-3 nights a week where one or both of us are gone, and we cherish summer nights where we can be at home together.
This is the first year we have been married that Greg had only one week of camp (this was on purpose). When we first were married, he traveled full time, and I went with him across the country in the summer because I was off in the summers as a school counselor. Our first year, we were at a camp in the middle of Texas, the beach several times (maybe even 3 that year), and in Colorado. I was gung ho to meet and develop relationships with teenagers. That desire then changed to developing relationships with college leaders. I realized that the teenagers could really care less if I was there or not and needed to be bonding with their leaders that were with them all the time:). There is something that becomes carefree about me when I am away from home and traveling. I relax. Ironically, Greg tenses up away from home. We are not compatible in all ways:).
Since Greg has been full time at Fellowship, he has been doing camps and conferences about 3 weeks a summer. I was choosy going to the beach and fun locations like New Mexico (where we met). With Rheumatoid Arthritis coming last year, his schedule is slowing down. If he had a full schedule this summer, he would have had an even crazier wife than he already has right now!
My favorite things about this summer: (not in order of importance)

1. Vegetables growing well in my backyard–tomatoes, squash and jalapenos (next summer, okra and cukes too!)
2. The beach trip with WDC girls
3. Meeting Davis and Lilly Claire Winn (they came in with a surprising and scary bang)
4. Brittany and Ben’s wedding
5. Seeing God bring so many young women for fall for me to meet with and disciple–8, yes 8!
6. Conquering regularly mowing and weed eating the yard! I learned new skills!
7. Beaching with my mom and getting to be with family and friends at Satilla in late May
8. Celebrating 8 years of marriage with Greg and eating the absolute best steak I have ever put in my mouth!
9. Being grateful for deep friendships near and far that God has blessed me with
10. Everyday being grateful for my husband’s graciousness and love toward me–I have given him several reasons
this summer to need to share it (banging my car into his two days ago, being crazy with hormones, being
more busy than I can keep up with)

As the fall approaches, I pray that I can rest in Christ instead of stubbornly trying to use my own energy. In fact, I really don’t have any excess energy! There are many new relationships that I am beginning in ministry with young women from WDC. In fact, 5 young women will be new that I am discipling. I pray God give me the love and discernment to pour in well.
I also begin a new and last phase of infertility treatments this week. I am pretty anxious about them, even though I am trying to relax. The treatments involve everyday or every other day doctor visits and shots, so it will be hard to relax and forget when it is in your face 24-7. Sometimes you know in your mind that God is in control of every minute detail, but your heart lags behind in trust. I am praying that I remember that and be fortified with truth. My prayer has been that I take each day as a blessing from God and obey him and love him in the midst not worrying about tomorrow. (Some moments I remember this:))
I have been a very inconsistent blogger this summer because of busyness and heavy heart. I don’t simply want to write about infertility and the heaviness of that every time. I guess it has been evident that that struggle has moved into the forefront. In all of this, I am very grateful for the life God has given me right now. These struggles will pass and others will come. O, how I look forward to the day of completion in Christ when all of the pain and struggles of this life (because of our sin) will be no more! That is something way better than summer!

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45 years old Married Mom to 2 From Tennessee

3 thoughts on “Where has the time gone?

  1. Your blog posts really blesses me so much! I love your heart for those who the Lord sends your way. I love your desire to look at things with a wide angle lens of truth…with an eternal perspective. Thanks for pouring your heart into His daughters by showing your obedience to Him! I wish I had a mentor like you when I was younger! I pray that your investment into the lives of these young women will be multiplied to be fruitful blessings that last for many generations for you and for the glory to belong to Gracious God!

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