Thanks in the Living…

This morning, I have a thankful heart that has been awakened by God’s presence and His word. I also have a heavy heart–only by His grace can they coincide. Heaviness reaped in hormones, in the struggle with infertility, in the sadness and grief of death and grave sickness of family and friends, in the complete oblivion and lostness of those close to me, in the numbness of the lives of those living to merely survive. Thankfulness born of His Spirit that lifts my eyes to His word, His truth, His hope in the midst of so much pain around me…
We have to make a point to turn our eyes toward thanks–look up from our emotion and circumstance and pray for recognition. Here is where I give thanks in the midst of living…

  • The hope given in the life, death and resurrection of Christ who took the wrath that I deserved for my sin and rebellion and bore it that I might have life and relationship with God. There is no wrath or anger from God toward me–all love and mercy. His faithful fatherly hand grows and matures me every day for His glory. This is amazing–no mere consolation prize–my very hope and life!
  • Health to live and move and love.
  • The gift of my husband–who has taught me more about God and His word than he thinks–by word and deed. And, he’s pretty funny–we always get a laugh from one another!
  • My sweet dog, Bailey, who loves and snuggles and plays. She is a gift during this time of simple joy in the midst of pain.
    Bailey and Jen romping in the leaves
  • The family that God has blessed me with who love me, laugh with me and encourage me. From Tennessee to Texas…
    All the in-laws in Texas--minus Hunter...

    Plus Hunter:)

    My sisters, Lynn and Beth

    Aunt Nank and Mom

    Nieces and Nephews in a pose I made them do:)--Andrew, Brittany, Joel, Sarah, Stephen
  • Friends that listen, sharpen and speak truth to me–old, new, tried and true. These last few years have included transitions and some isolation due to circumstance. I appreciate the friends who stick closer than a brother even in the midst of their changes. I am blessed, and sometimes I forget it.
  • The growth and opportunities in WDC. So many people have stepped up to give, pray and encourage. I am blessed to have this opportunity to walk alongside young women and women of all ages to help them ‘think God’s thoughts after Him.’ The gospel has come alive this summer and fall to many, and I thank Him for that.
    WDC retreat at the lake in October--Laura, Jen, Liz and Lillie

    Fall Equipping for Discipleship Class
  • The opportunities God has given me to rest in Him in beautiful places. I love the way His creation displays His beauty so well.
    My favorite place in the world, Fripp Island.

    My second favorite place on earth
  • The way God’s word keeps coming alive to me more and more as I study it. This fall, I started attending a Precept study with my sis and friends. We have studied the first half of Matthew, and I cannot wait for the second half of Matthew in the spring. It is really teaching me more and more to study the Bible from itself. Great stuff!
  • So thankful for our church, Fellowship Church, and the focus on the Gospel, discipleship, and serving.

  • The opportunity to go to Chicago to the Gospel Coalition spending time out of town with Greg, Rick and Teresa Dunn.
    Jen and Greg at Wrigley Field, April 2009
  • So thankful for the life of adventure that lies ahead–it is a faith journey with beauty along the way. There are huge unknowns in our life right now–especially about children. As I was driving home from the WDC retreat in October, I came across this scene. It depicts beauty and blessing in the now, the road of the unknown ahead–uphill (we only see what is right in front of us) and God’s faithfulness for bringing growth and life in the lone tree and the blue sky. Such comfort to know that He is the God of whatever is lying on the other side of that hill–motherhood, childlessness, adoption. I do not have to worry about the other side of that hill right now–I praise Him for this side. I have been reminded so much this year of looking to eternity and Him as my hope and not looking for reward in the here and now. I am thankful for the many ways He blesses me–especially with the knowledge of Him.
    Life in 2009

    Happy Thanksliving,

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    45 years old Married Mom to 2 From Tennessee

    5 thoughts on “Thanks in the Living…

    1. Thank you, Jen. That is exactly what I needed to hear…many, many similar thoughts. I love the picture at the end…so many things to be thankful for in the living, and so much of God’s hope, growth, and promise for the future….whatever that looks like. One of our favorite places in the world is Harbor Island…right over from Fripp. It’s a wonderful, quiet, peaceful, beautiful place to be.

    2. What a beautiful post. You are blessed…we all are, beyond what we deserve. Thanks for sharing some of yours, and in so doing, reminding me of my own long list of blessings! Love you!

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