His faithfulness…

Quick update:
So thankful for God’s faithfulness in the everyday.
1. His precious Son, who is my life, hope and righteousness
2. The snow and sunshine and rain which show His distinct purposes in the everyday
3. The way He has purposes for suffering–and that it ultimately brings good–in knowing Him and hungering for Him more deeply and bringing transformation to the likeness of Christ
4. For a place to go a few weeks ago to rest, pray, study and paint by the ocean–renewal in the midst of pain
5. For a husband who loves Him and has hope in Him first–and is quite fun to laugh with! Greg promised we would laugh a lot together to seal the deal for me to marry him!
6. For friends and family who serve in such beautiful ways (ie some helping me for a retreat this weekend for food). I do not deserve their kindness, but I am so grateful for it.
7. For the opportunity to walk with young women in the reality and truth of what it means to abandon oneself to Christ–in trust and worship. I get to spend some time with WDC girls in retreat this weekend as we study on Suffering and endurance.
8. For the joy of walking my dog, Bailey, on a sunny day yesterday. Her curiousity and delight in each new thing she came to brought me happiness and reminded me to take one thing at a time.
9. For the opportunity to spend time with the Winn Twins this week–what a picture of God’s faithfulness bringing life from Beth’s womb–and what life! We giggled together in joy at jump up time and bath time with those sweet smells.
10. For the the little ways and unseen ways and maybe ignored ways today that God will be faithful…give me eyes to recognize.

Published by jenpinkner

45 years old Married Mom to 2 From Tennessee

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