Satilla–pics from the summer’s beginning

cleaning up...
Brandt and Joel--Joel's ukelele playing inspired Brandt to purchase one with his Bingo winnings!
Love this pic of Joel--it captures him well...
Stairs up to our bedroom: i.e. hotter than you can imagine:)

The second weekend of June, my Aunt and Uncle had ufriends and family down to South Georgia to The Satilla River Club.  We have done this for several years.  This is the first year I have been in June, and it was HOT with a capital H.  It took days to recover from the heat!  So fun to be with family and friends.  We talked and laughed and played Bingo (which I took some winnings away from), and kickball.  Most of all, we ate and sweat!  Thanks Aunt Nank and Uncle Mike! 

Lynn, Gerry and Beth relaxing and catching up
My obsession with taking random pics...
Sarah, my niece
after all, it is a fishing camp...
Christian's fishing adventure
Christian's fish!
My Aunt Nank and Sister Lynn
Games in the "cool"
My nephew, Joel, with his rubics cube
To say that we ate a lot is an understatement...
Sarah and Jen before we sweat too much!
We really did sit on the porch all day...
Uncle Mike's favorite past time
Redneck, Cousin Chris, prepping for Kickball
Sisters, take two
Linda, Joanne and Chris hanging out
after meal chatting...
Sarah and Donna
Joe and Kim

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