Where I would like to be today…

The lowcountry--there is nothing like it!
Mom taking in the sunset

several mornings I was up at sunrise to walk on the beach
Thank you Lord for your beauty...

What I worked on all week...

Fripp Island.  Some would call it my home away from home this year since I have been 3 times–January, April and June.  Thiese are my favorite pictures from June with my mom and then my sister, Lynn.

Mom on the porch after dinner--she is so beautiful.
love to put my feet up and enjoy the view!
walking to my favorite place for sunset

There is such a calm at dusk...

Published by jenpinkner

45 years old Married Mom to 2 From Tennessee

2 thoughts on “Where I would like to be today…

  1. I can definitely understand summoning the “gumption” to go…but, how in the world do you summon the “gumption” to leave?!? BEAUTIFUL!! …and what precious times to cherish with your mom and sister. Brief glimpses and foretastes of heaven…purely God’s grace. Love you, sweet friend.

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