A marathon catch-up…


 These last few months have been crazy. Pregancy and bracing for all the changes that are coming has filled our minds, but we have also had a barage of stuff to go wrong on the homefront–flooding, mold, crawl space water issues, a broken roof, need of new gutters (all non-storm related). This has “slightly” increased the stress of getting ready for little Jack. My husband has been a champ. He has coordinated all the workers to come, but he has also done a lot of work around the house as well as bearing with a sometimes crazy hormonal wife all in the midst of dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis flair ups. I am glad he is by my side–COULD NOT DO IT WITHOUT HIM.The theme of this spring has been “dependence.” God is teaching us this in everyway–health, finances, material things, relationships around us, energy, church, ministry. I keep telling God, “I get it.” But I know I do not… There is not a way that we have not been in need, and I keep learning that my heart still tries to be independent. I thank Him that He is gracious and patient and willing to teach us over and over again as we are about to embark on parenting where dependence is dire.

Here are some pics of celebrations of John Benjamin “Jack” Pinkner who will be arriving any day now…due in 8 days. The boy was estimated at 8 lbs two weeks ago! So many dear friends have been so kind to celebrate his impending arrival. We are so blessed.

The following is a shower given April 16th by good friends Amber, Beth, Casey and Cindy hosted at Lynn’s house.

Good friends hosting April 16th shower--Beth, Amber, me, Cindy, Casey and Lynn
Yummy spread

Time for fellowship

Beth leading a sweet prayer time
Sweet Cakes from sweet friends
The following are pics from a March 26th shower given by friends, Barb, Ashley, and Kelly.  Friends, Mentors, Ministry Supporters and family were so sweet to come and honor me.
March 26th shower

My dear friend, Kelly (in the pose) as well as Barb and Ashley, threw a beautiful shower.

Beth (sis), Jen, Mom and Lynn (sis) there to celebrate

I remember when these two were babies! Nieces Sarah and Brittany

One of the most creative gifts ever for little Jack!
Opening gift pictures are so flattering--this is for your amusement


 The following is a shower given by Teresa and Diane for Pastors, Elders and their wives with the theme “Which T will Jack B?”   It was decorated with Tennessee and Texas memoribilia.  So fun, and a treat for Greg!

An amazing cake!


Greg would not open the gifts!


"Shooting the bull"


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