The bump…


      I have not posted pics to facebook of the “bump” just because it was one of the decisions I made at the beginning of pregnancy.  Because of time in infertility, I was sensitive to lots of info going into the feeds of people all the time about other’s pregnancies.  In fact, we have not taken too many pics of the “bump” aka Jack, but I am including some of them here for those looking for them.  Surprise, I look pregnant!

28ish weeks at the shower
36ish weeks --with the no, no horizontal stripes!
35 weeks on my 36th birthday--my how things have changed since last year!


My shadow at 35 weeks--I think Jack got scared and decided to stay in until 40 weeks!


Our first "child" at peace before her world gets shaken with little Jack.

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45 years old Married Mom to 2 From Tennessee

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