Where is my treasure?

To say that the last two weeks have been eventful would be a major understatement!  We put our house on the market a week and a half ago and sold it in a few days time.    We drove to Florida with Jack to his cousin Andrew’s wedding.  (first long road trip, first trip to the beach, first wedding)  Now, we are at the beach with my mom for a few days before we brave the trip–just the two of us.  I know…crazy times with an infant!

I have been working for a month or more during nap times to de-clutter and clean and stage and trim bushes and pull weeds.  Those who know me know that I am not an organizational wizard.  If I was graded on clutter control, I would get a C- if I had a teacher who graded on improvement:).  So, this season of tackling every bit of clutter and not being able to hide it in a cabinet is interesting.  I kind of like it.  However, we sold our house very quickly (only by God’s grace) so I will not have that stress of keeping the perfect house with an infant!  Now, we are on the hunt for our next home (and by next home, barring an act of God, I mean our last home on the earth).  We are not the type of people who find it a hobby to move :).

Packing for the first major trip with Jack while leaving my house “show” worthy was a bit stressful.  We thought we would do the “drive at night so  Jack would sleep uninterupted” plan on our way to Florida.  Jack pulled the “get carsick through the mountains stay awake in the car the whole way” plan on us!  He slept better for me driving during the day.  The best laid plans…  He actually was quite a trooper, even our air conditioner decided to revolt on us.  What we learned:  anything with an infant is infinitely more complicated no matter how much you plan and no matter how good of an infant you have.

The wedding weekend was a lot of fun.   I love being in the same place with friends and family.  There is never enough time to visit (especially with nap and bedtimes).  I loved seeing people love on and enjoy Jack.  This is actually the first “destination” wedding I have been to.  Emily, Andrew’s wife, is from Fernandina Beach, Florida, and we stayed at a beautiful resort on Amelia Island.  Jack did great being carted everywhere and being out of his environment.  He “swam” in the pool for the first time with his buddy, Chuck.  He was adorable! He was tired after all the festivities and ran a fever.

We are now at my Aunt’s beach house with my mom.  I got to introduce Jack to my favorite place on earth.  He’s not really impressed!  He is just appreciating the fact that we are back to regular schedule.  I have loved time on the beach in the morning to take my prayer journal and Bible.  The riches of having that time!

The time with God has reminded me how crazy these few months have been.  Getting ready to sell a house and buy a house, my mind has been focused a lot on things–cleaning them, examining them, finding what I “want” and what I “need.”  I had forgotten that moth and rust destroy so quickly.  I had forgotten that this is a tent instead of my destination.  That whole comparison monster reared it’s ugly head again.  ugh!

I am praying to remember that my treasure is not in this earthly tent of what house we live in or what it is furnished in–my treasure is Christ and fulfillment in Him forever.  I am excited about a new house, but I do not want to fixate on it and forget the things that are really important.  Pray with me on that one!  Now, for a few pics from the last week.

The Honored couple: Andrew and Emily Baker
The Cox women at the reception
Jack's buddy, Chuck. He fed him, held him, took him swimming...
Me and B at the reception
At the reception after the baby whisperer, Chuck, hypnotized Jack.
jack with moms after the long wedding weekend...
"I like the beach."
"i've had a little too much, Mom!"
Momma took me down to the beach to take pictures...she wears me out!
"I loved my time hanging out here."

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