We’ve hit the Jackpot

These last few months have been a true joy with litte (or not so little) Jack. He is in the 99.9999 percentile in weight and the 35th in height. He has slept well for a long time–which is good for this advanced maternal age Momma!  He hit the 7 month mark yesterday–I think this is my favorite stage.
He survived his first (and hopefully only) move with his Mama and Daddy. He had his first (and hopefully only) surgery. He experienced his first (of hopefully many) Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Jack is fat and happy (it’s okay to say that when he’s a baby). The spitting image of his Daddy with a bit of his Momma’s personality and smiles. Greg and I are really enjoying him.

He is on the cusp of crawling and is sitting up to play.  I am trying to drink in everyday as I know I cannot own any of this time or get it back if squandered.

Another joy over Christmas was getting to introduce Jack to friends far and near that have been dear to Greg and me.  He also got to see his Nana and meet Geno for the first time when they came for a visit at the end of November.  Thank you God for loaning us this precious life.

A morning snack...
Merry Christmas from a tired boy...
Our new house lit up with some fun bulbs
My Momma tries to get in a lifetime of kisses before I'm too cool to let her
The oldest (Uncle Charley) and youngest (Jack) in the family
Lalee (aunt) and Jack
Jack, Lilly Claire and Boo
Jacob, Davis and Jack (Jack really digs Davis)
Meeting the Becks from Ttown
On the verge of taking off!

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