The living room

I love a good living room–Greg not so much.  I like a place to visit with people sans TV.  It is always the place I go to spend time in the Bible and to spend time with God.  I want it to be cozy and beautiful.  Here’s the before and after of our living room (or should I say my living room since Greg doesn’t spend time there!)  The first 3 pictures are the color on the walls before, and the remaining pics are the after color.  The first pic includes the old carpet.

Before the move in

Jack with the original wall color in the background

Family Pic with before color

My mother has a full basement in her home that is full of forgotten treasures.  I took some time in my last visit to search through with a new eye.  Things that seem like junk can often become beautiful finds.  I found many antique wood frames that were dingy and dirty, and I cleaned and painted them with my acrylics and paint colors from other parts of the house.  Those junky finds are now on my walls.

After I painted with Revere Pewter

A little glare showing we get lots of natural light!

A view to the dining room with J's Johnny Jump Up

My style is eclectic.  I love hand-me downs–antiques and others.  It is a pleasure for me to have pieces that mean something.  I am not afraid to repaint furniture, and I love to move furniture (I get that from my dad.)  What I love about our new house is that we have not purchased any new furniture–just spread out for a bit less clutter.

Very grateful for a place to welcome people.

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45 years old Married Mom to 2 From Tennessee

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