Enjoying the Moment in Motherhood…


Both Greg and I have been enjoying this phase in Jack’s life.  He began crawling like crazy 2 weeks ago.  He is pulling up everywhere.  He is a very happy boy that loves to laugh.  He rejoices when his daddy enters a room–almost giggles every time.  I pray that one day he feel that way about Jesus.

He has a really sweet disposition.  Many days, I go to pick him up at “school,” and they tell me that everyone has been crying while he’s chilling in the middle of everyone.

With the unseasonably warm spring, we have been heading outside every afternoon to swing, to read books and to watch Bailey chase after her soccer ball.  He loves it.  The only problem is that he needs sunglasses.  I got him some wayfayers the other day (I won’t wear them because they remind me of 7th grade but he can:)).

These two weeks have brought a new exhaustion that have not been with me since the first few months of motherhood.  Jack, like every other baby, loves getting into everything that he shouldn’t.  My favorite thing–watching he and Greg interact.


He is very talented with his tongue!


A month ago, we had a small dedication for him at our house.  Family and friends gathered to help us commit our hearts to the Lord to raise Jack in the knowledge and hope of Christ.  It was very special.



I am a sucker for seersucker!  Jack with Lalee


Friends and family put their thumbprint on the tree (painted by my sis, Lynn) to covenant to pray for Jack’s relationship with Christ and maturity in Him.  The focus was for Him to follow Jesus and trust God even in the disappointments and hardships of life–we pray for his maturity.





Becky, Jack and T-bone

sweet friends

Jack's "older" friend Briggs

Andrew and Emily

We wish our home was big enough to include all the special people in our lives who have prayed for Jack before he had a name…and will continue to as he matures and grows.  We are so blessed to be in relationship with so many dear people.  We cannot do this without you.  So grateful for this precious life and we hope and pray that he find True Life in Christ–our only hope.  We also pray that he trust God in all things and love people with the love and grace only God gives…making a difference in this world.

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3 thoughts on “Enjoying the Moment in Motherhood…

  1. I love the tree and the Scripture underneath it. That’s really special…May Jack follow and grow in love for his Lord all the days of his life.

  2. I love the dedication pics, Jenn. What a great idea (and the painting is precious!) And I recognized a Cudzilo immediately!

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