Heart Questions for the Believer in Business, Part 1

How do I start this one?  From the moment I started in the “business world,” I saw a whole new world of possibilities for good and for bad.  I saw a ton of questions to weigh within my heart. This is a series out of what I am learning in my heart.  It is not a hard and fast list of what to do, but it is a picture of questions to ask as a believer.  We have a higher calling–for everything we do, including our motives, to glorify God.  It is tricky because no one knows our motives but God, but twisted motives cannot be hidden–their fruit is shown over time.

First, I had to question if it was wrong to profit and to make money and not just try to give things away.  I know this sounds ridiculous seeing as goods are made and sold to feed mouths and actually put into place healthy communities and economies.   There are examples of good and bad EVERYTHING–roles and positions can easily come with a bad reputation simply because there have been people involved making hurtful and selfish choices. Doctors, Lawyers, financial planners, business owners, pastors, social workers, salespeople, politicians, homemakers, medical professionals, military, police officers, actors–etc, we all have a picture of them depending upon our experiences.  We put value judgements on industries and professions simply because we have known people good and bad in each of the categories.  That doesn’t make the “profession” sainted or tainted; it reflects the hearts of people.  There is no schism between secular jobs and sacred jobs; it is the heart in which they are done.

Second, I had to wrestle with if I sell something to someone does it LOOK  like I  have an angle or that I am using them?   I quickly realized it was the way in which I would conduct business that was in my control–not what people thought.   I am responsible to the Lord for my actions. I was not there to take advantage of people–I simply had a good product or a business opportunity to share. The spirit of service and of respect and excellence I pray is seen in my business.   I want to treat people the way I want to be treated every time.   Servant leadership is what I try to model to my team.  People first–relationships first–bottom line, last.

Third, what eternal significance does this venture have?  I will have seasons with this question.  At first, I totally thought this was so vain–the eternal significance was helping my family by making money and being present in the now.  Then, as time marched on, I saw much opportunity to encourage women as customers and then business partners in their spiritual lives and to gain entrance into their lives.  The question for me…how was I taking that opportunity to serve and to love?  I am now literally seeing God story after God story of people being transformed and asking hard questions and talking about deep pains in their lives and who God is in the midst of them.  I was in such a Christian bubble before, and I am so thankful for the opportunities for skincare to open a door into real life relationships and spiritual growth.  That is available to all of us in our jobs whether we are in something we love or not–how are you engaging with people?

These are the first questions of many in my journey.  If they can help another business person wrestle in order to make an impact for the Kingdom, it is my honor to share.  Warning: There will be some that will step on all of our toes, for sure

Published by jenpinkner

45 years old Married Mom to 2 From Tennessee

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