Analysis Paralysis

Are you ever just paralyzed?

You know you need to get moving in 10 different directions. You understand that, and yet, the sheer volume of purpose and energy needed bring heaviness to your limbs and a panic response in your brain and heart.

Sometimes we do not know where to start just that we “should.” I “should” do as well as that person who seems to be so on top of “xy and especially z.” 

Our mind and heart are full of noise, full of the misplaced panic of “should,” full of unrest…

How do we move?
*We stop. We get off the thought treadmill. *We still ourselves before the only One that can guide us and bring peace and rest to our heart. *We acknowledge our need, yet again. *We ask Him what He thinks, what He purposes and what lies of “should” we are believing falsely.
*We look at the gifts in front of us, the opportunities to experience joy in the simple when we quiet our mind.
*Instead of running ahead in panic, we choose to take our thoughts captive in the moment thinking “what is true, right, good, lovely, excellent and praiseworthy in this moment?”

Truthfully, I have been sitting at my computer in panic about what I should do to lead my business this week, about what I should feed my family, about what changes need to be made to help my son(s), about where I should start to tackle the mound of stuff all around me. I am pretty dense, at times, because I forgot my starting and ending point and the One who directs everything for my good and His glory.

Peace has moved into my heart simply by practicing what He tells me to practice daily and every moment—“draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” 
“Remain in Me, Jennifer. Apart from Me you can do nothing l(paralysis).” 
“Remain in Me…You will bear much fruit, lasting fruit, if you remain in Me.”

Today, I am thankful for a Savior and King who graciously leads me as my Shepherd that continues to be gentle and protective over a sheep that often forgets, often gets panicked, and often runs away.

NOTE: This was in my facebook memories from last year, and guess what? I sat in the same thoughts as last year yesterday. The same things on my list were pressing and important. The same God calms my heart and whispers His presence. This year, however, I anticipate my triggers more. I know in my mind that things will be okay–nothing is an emergency that feels like it. I know He is teaching and guiding me and caring for me so much better than I can plan. He is gracious (giving me unmerited favor) and merciful (not giving me what I deserve) everyday. I thank Him for the incremental growth–for ways He has grown self-awareness in me, for ways He has brought grit.

Published by jenpinkner

45 years old Married Mom to 2 From Tennessee

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