Creatives gotta create!

Intense around these parts, huh?

I needed an outlet to create during Christmas break. I also needed a way to shape something in a purposeful and good way. There’s so much strife, negativity, back-biting. and confusion. We can either drown in feeling stuck or make a positive contribution.

Gay street at sunset in acrylic

It’s been a awhile since I have painted in acrylics, and it was a good challenge to capture all the colors, shadows and reflections of this beautiful sky. Creating helps me walk back into the chaos more settled and calm.

Downtown Knox in watercolor

I love capturing homes and buildings, so when I got a vision to draw and paint iconic buildings in downtown Knoxville, you couldn’t hold me back! Fond childhood memories of these are mixed with college experiences and new memories. For instance, as a child, I remember riding in the back seat after Vols games seeing the glowing lights of tiffani lamps in the building now housing Glitterville. With all those windows and a unique placement on the corner, it’s fun that there are beautiful glowing and shiny displays to carry on the tradition!

We also frequented the 1982 World’s Fair where the Sunsphere fascinated my 8 year old imagination. Fun fact: I was in my 30s the first time I went up!

We spent a LOT of time in Knoxville in my childhood. We lived an hour a way, but between Vol football, my grandmother living in Fountain City, my great aunt living in West Knoxville and my Aunt in South knoxville, we covered our bases! In fact, I saw more of a diverse span of the city then than I do in the day to day now!

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45 years old Married Mom to 2 From Tennessee

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