Why am I here?

Everybody is trying to promote themselves these days. Truthfully, it feels gross to do that. I do have things to share to encourage others–take them or leave them.

I am a believer in Christ, and that informs every decision and thought. As I learn and grow in Him, I want to share that with others through written word, spoken work, visual art, authenticity and laughter. That’s why I am here.

I am in my mid-forties and growing in humility that I do not have life in the palm of my hands! As I have been undone, in a good way, in my continuing adult life, I have found a road to unravel my mess and to come alive. Art is a huge part of that journey. As I shared that with friends, they wanted to commission me to paint places that are special to them. It has been a joy to get to know people by listening to their stories, to what matters to them, to what is making an impact in their lives. So, that’s why I am here.

I never have a problem trying something new however messy it might be! I love seeing how God weaves our stories for His glory and to help meet the needs of others in the midst of the pain of life.

Let’s encourage one another.

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