Announcing a New Website Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of my brand new website, I’m giving away an 11×14 velvet elegance watercolor print of my newest painting “Welcoming Adventure” (retail value $120)! 👉 ENTER HERE: The winner will be announced on February 3rd. I will also be providing EVERYONE who enters (even if you don’t win!) a one-time discount toContinue reading “Announcing a New Website Giveaway”

Kudzu to you and you and you

As a kid, I remember looking up from the car window at a patch of Kudzu in two different spots in my hometown. I thought those vines were so beautiful. Like all things, adulthood brings an entirely different and deeper understanding to what once was thought good and beautiful. One day last week, Greg saidContinue reading “Kudzu to you and you and you”

You Know I Don’t Like Waffles!!!

This morning, my youngest exclaimed “You know I don’t like waffles!” It was news to me since he begs for them consistently. It was proclaimed as an indictment against my motherhood. As I coached him about how to say things in the future, the mirror was held up to my heart. My oldest son growledContinue reading “You Know I Don’t Like Waffles!!!”

Crushed in Spirit

Things are always clearer in retrospect. I understand more about my childhood and young adulthood now, and one of the clear things is that I have always bent toward depression. There have been times circumstantially and hormonally that have tipped me deeper. Those times included a season of young adulthood, post partum with my oldestContinue reading “Crushed in Spirit”

Pearls of Great Price

These last two years have been challenging for all of us as a collective group of humans, huh? We have experienced differing levels of loss, grief, frustration, anger, sadness, disappointment. Some are barely crawling now under the weight of their jobs or their families. My heart goes out to leaders, educators, medical professionals, pastors whoContinue reading “Pearls of Great Price”

The Spirit’s Work in the Storm

This picture was in my memories yesterday. Storms invade, they come, they bring pain and loss. Then, the sun comes out again. They are fierce, but they do not last forever. They shape us, but there is hope in the anchoring in the midst. I was inspired to paint this. I couldn’t find a bigContinue reading “The Spirit’s Work in the Storm”

It takes a little time sometimes…

It’s the flavor of lovingly fried chicken, crumpled recipes handed down that are barely decipherable, egg salad sandwiches on Sunday nights, and the sound of green beans in a pressure cooker on Saturday afternoons. It’s in the lingering. It’s not scheduled but it’s purposefully planned. It allows space for boredom and has no space forContinue reading “It takes a little time sometimes…”

my worth is not found in who notices me

I was a really cute little kid. And then…my adult teeth came in. And then, there was the tragedy of hairstyles. I went from being noticed to “looked over” or the butt of jokes. I won’t go into the unwise choice of getting pink tinted glasses in fifth grade! After most of my childhood, gettingContinue reading “my worth is not found in who notices me”

Coming Out of the Shadows

This year: The meaning those words have is…heavy, transforming, redefining, refining. We are all emerging from the shadows as different people. We will not even be able to quantify the vast changes to our environments, communities, rules of behavior for a long while. It may left to the history books instead of our own personalContinue reading “Coming Out of the Shadows”

Creatives gotta create!

Intense around these parts, huh? I needed an outlet to create during Christmas break. I also needed a way to shape something in a purposeful and good way. There’s so much strife, negativity, back-biting. and confusion. We can either drown in feeling stuck or make a positive contribution. It’s been a awhile since I haveContinue reading “Creatives gotta create!”