An important read

God’s will…that phrase is thrown around in the Christian subculture, and yet, I think no one grasps the concept. We know less about God’s will from what his word says about it than what we have gathered by the osmosis of people’s opinions. I have come to the conclusion that most have a mystical viewContinue reading “An important read”

Book Recommendation: The Discipline of Grace

This summer, I have been reading The Discipline of Grace with several of the young women I have been meeting with. I finally finished it this week, and I HIGHLY recommend it. It is written by Jerry Bridges…yes, the author in which I quote all the time talking about Respectable Sins. The poor girls IContinue reading “Book Recommendation: The Discipline of Grace”

Discernment with “The Shack”

      There is no book that has receiving more buzz than “The Shack” this year (at least in Christian circles).  I have read the book, and, in it, I saw the beauty of an emotional story that draws the reader towards a certain view of God mixed with some serious error.  The danger comesContinue reading “Discernment with “The Shack””

Discontent anyone?

I am plugging along in “Respectable Sins” by Jerry Bridges, and I have reached the chapter on discontentment.  Whoa.  I also have read chapters on anxiety and frustration…yeah, I have had opportunity and experience in practicing all three of these acceptable sins.  I could say that I am an expert at them, and that makesContinue reading “Discontent anyone?”

Respectable Sins: ungodliness

Wow.  I just read the first chapter that dealt with a specific sin in Jerry Bridges “Respectable Sins:  Dealing with the Sins We Tolerate.”  He proposes, quite well, that our root sin is ungodliness.  He uses the illustration of a tree where the trunk is pride with the roots being  ungodliness.  He defines ungodliness asContinue reading “Respectable Sins: ungodliness”