Remembering God’s Faithfulness

For those of you who go to church with me at Fellowship, this will be a reminder of yesterday’s sermon. I awoke yesterday with the stirring in my heart from God that I needed to be disciplined about thankfulness. This was brought on by remembering that I had forgotten the total blessing God had givenContinue reading “Remembering God’s Faithfulness”

Real joy and perserverence

This morning, I stopped in my tracks as I read this blog. I have been convicted more and more lately that I choose the easy way out. I choose to speak truth far more to those who I know will take it well or who I know agree theologically with me. I self-protect by readingContinue reading “Real joy and perserverence”

Pain in the neck…

I literally woke up turning over in the middle of the night with  a pain in the neck.  This has been an internally stressful week.  A lot has gone on in our lives to process.  And, as always, my body has spoken to tell me about it.  There is something about pain in your neck–thereContinue reading “Pain in the neck…”