Slowing Down

After the last intense blog, I feel like a need to put people at ease. (Trying to package it again:)) I do want to give an update: Last year or so I picked up a book recommended to me by my friend, Melba. I did not read it then, but God reminded me of itContinue reading “Slowing Down”

A full heart…

I just finished some time this morning in Philippians. Wow. How easily we forget what our lives are about. In Philippians, Paul writes as an imprisoned man. If I wrote from prison, I think my letter would be quite depressing. “The food here is awful…You would never believe what the people talk about…I get harassedContinue reading “A full heart…”

Wide Angle Lens

Don’t you just wish that you could view your life with a wide angle lens? We can get so mired down in our specific trouble that we become nearsighted and blind. There are those rare occasions that God gives me a gracious glimpse of his purposes and reasons and I actually listen. Notice I saidContinue reading “Wide Angle Lens”

An important read

God’s will…that phrase is thrown around in the Christian subculture, and yet, I think no one grasps the concept. We know less about God’s will from what his word says about it than what we have gathered by the osmosis of people’s opinions. I have come to the conclusion that most have a mystical viewContinue reading “An important read”

Give us this day…

These last few weeks and the coming one can qualify for some of the craziest I have experienced of late. All good things…just a lot of busyness in preparation for my niece’s wedding, welcoming my nephew home from semester at sea, running the business side of WDC, running the ministry side of WDC, celebrating theContinue reading “Give us this day…”

The right words at the right time

      A few years ago, my sister, Lynn, gave me a book entitled The Right Words at the Right Time.  It is a book that has essays from celebrities in which they describe great advice that they had gotten in their lives.  The title of that book came to me yesterday morning as IContinue reading “The right words at the right time”

The perspective of the heart

     The last few weeks, I have been praying and concentrating heartily to guard my heart against anxiety and thinking on things that send me in a tailspin.  The particular thing the last few weeks has been fertility.  God has been gracious beyond belief to help me stay in the day, not panicking orContinue reading “The perspective of the heart”

Am I going to throw up, nope, I just have to speak in front of people.

      Last night, I had the opportunity to stand before over 300 young women and talk with them about walking with God in the midst of the curse (of sin in Genesis 3).  My heart is still beating hard as I think back on it…       At Crossroad, our city-wide college/young adult serviceContinue reading “Am I going to throw up, nope, I just have to speak in front of people.”

More and more…

‘Finally, brothers, we instructed you how to live in order to please God, as in fact you are living.  Now we ask you and urge you in the Lord Jesus to do this more and more.’ 1 Thessalonians 4:1 ‘Now about brotherly love, we do not need to write to you for you yourselves haveContinue reading “More and more…”

Does it really matter?

Yes. The answer is that it matters a lot…theology, that is. Before you roll your eyes or skip this entry, hang with me. Everyday we experience pain, joy, fear and frustration. In our pain and frustration, we often ask why. What we believe about God shapes our response to the everyday events in our lives.Continue reading “Does it really matter?”