The battle of the mind

A few days ago, I was refreshed and ready for the fall. I had energy and was ready for the somewhat exhausting days that I knew were ahead. Yesterday, however, I felt like I had been hit with a ton of bricks. Something I had been looking forward to happening did not. I was remindedContinue reading “The battle of the mind”

Our “acceptable” idols…

These days it seems that there are as many different “flavors” of who God is as people. Even people who go to the same church have worldviews that shape one’s foundation so differently. If the foundation of a house is bad, the whole house is bad. A worldview built on faulty premises of the trueContinue reading “Our “acceptable” idols…”

Pain in the neck…

I literally woke up turning over in the middle of the night with  a pain in the neck.  This has been an internally stressful week.  A lot has gone on in our lives to process.  And, as always, my body has spoken to tell me about it.  There is something about pain in your neck–thereContinue reading “Pain in the neck…”

Deception: are you buying it?

My heart is heavy.  This morning I am reminded that the enemy is a roaring lion looking for people to devour.  We are mostly devoured subtly, I think.  There are people that struggle with illicit drugs and sex, but most people I know are devoured by what look, in the beginning, like seemingly good things.Continue reading “Deception: are you buying it?”