Spring comes in it’s purposed time…

This year marks the first year I can remember in a long time where people are speaking their weariness of winter everyday. Weary and heavy laden with cold days, gray skies, snow flurries, people are screaming for change and renewal. Any blue sky symbolizes hope to them. Especially as the first day of March comes–theyContinue reading “Spring comes in it’s purposed time…”

What do I entitle this?

It has been a while since I have written. There’s so much to tell yet so little. Part of me wants to pull back all the way from blogging because I have put a vulnerable part of myself out there, and I have found myself feeling responsible to walk this infertility journey out perfectly. Performance…itContinue reading “What do I entitle this?”

Raw, empty and hopeful

Four years ago, during the Christmas season, I lost my dad. For some reason, I thought that would be the numbest Christmas–the weirdest–I would ever experience. By experience, this year I am discovering this is not the case, and there may be harder Christmases to come. This is not our home. We like to thinkContinue reading “Raw, empty and hopeful”

Living Life…

“Whoever find (her) life will lose it, and whoever loses (her) life for My sake will find it.” Matthew 10:39 What does this look like in our day to day life? I am studying Matthew and have been in Matthew 8-10 today. I am reminded again about the cost of discipleship. We are not promisedContinue reading “Living Life…”

Slowing Down

After the last intense blog, I feel like a need to put people at ease. (Trying to package it again:)) I do want to give an update: Last year or so I picked up a book recommended to me by my friend, Melba. I did not read it then, but God reminded me of itContinue reading “Slowing Down”

A full heart…

I just finished some time this morning in Philippians. Wow. How easily we forget what our lives are about. In Philippians, Paul writes as an imprisoned man. If I wrote from prison, I think my letter would be quite depressing. “The food here is awful…You would never believe what the people talk about…I get harassedContinue reading “A full heart…”

A hidden talent…

I have a hidden talent that I have honed all my life. Depending upon the season of life and circumstances, I could be called an expert. This talent is not something to be proud of. It is not healthy or truthful. It involves self-worship, and it does not produce fruit that lasts and encourages. ThatContinue reading “A hidden talent…”

Where has the time gone?

Summer was just beginning, and now it’s gone. Poof, and I am much more tired than when it began. How can that be? Summer is traditionally the time for rest in our house. During the school year, there are at least 2-3 nights a week where one or both of us are gone, and weContinue reading “Where has the time gone?”