The strength of a melody

       Music is powerful.  Nothing can transport me faster in time than listening to a song.  Music is so intertwined with our lives that a song brings a memory of people and experiences I have not thought of in years.      Yesterday, music was a time machine for me–almost a montage of pictures from theContinue reading “The strength of a melody”

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

So, I have a confession. When I became a teenager in the late 80s it was en vogue to carry a photo album in your purse. Insecure 13 and 14 year old that I was, one could not tell. My photo album was filled with pictures of me. Jennifer at a wedding, Jennifer with friendsContinue reading “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen”

A brief feel of home…

Life does not happen like you think it will. False expectations we hold are crushed, and we learn what it really means to live. Sometimes we allow those crushed expectations to define us–sometimes we counter them with the truth of Christ and find a greater hope in the midst. Is that not what our livesContinue reading “A brief feel of home…”

Simply telling…

I subscribe to Real Simple magazine. Each month, I love getting the sleek magazine in the mail with beautiful colors and genius uses for everyday things. Filled with tips for one’s life including clothing, household tips, life articles, recipes which I never use, and decorating. I would say it is the agreed upon choice ofContinue reading “Simply telling…”

How the corner was turned…

For those of you who have known me for any amount of time, you know that I have never loved Wal-mart. It brought the dread of fingernails on a chalkboard for me to venture there–crowds of families of 10 standing in the middle of aisles, small aisles. It’s like people get stupid when they walkContinue reading “How the corner was turned…”

An update

       I sit here on a rainy Saturday afternoon in my pajamas listening to the wonderful music of my dog, Bailey, playing “devil box” in the backyard.  The new wood fence is up, and I can enjoy an afternoon of Bailey playing and not escaping.  I cannot tell you the last time IContinue reading “An update”

Thoughts from my weekend…

This weekend I had a variety of experiences. On Friday, Greg and I got to catch the movie, “Fireproof.” It is not filled with Oscar winning acting, but I really enjoyed it. Greg was “pleasantly surprised” too…which is a huge deal. He went for me expecting little. The movie took an honest look at relationships,Continue reading “Thoughts from my weekend…”

Change your perspective of Mondays

Monday. It may be the most dreaded day of the week. It is the day where it all starts over again–the grind. Early mornings, meetings, projects, work, homework, routine, conflict, fatigue, frustration, loneliness, packed schedules start again up the hill towards the top of the roller coaster that we look forward to riding down onContinue reading “Change your perspective of Mondays”