Slowing Down

After the last intense blog, I feel like a need to put people at ease. (Trying to package it again:)) I do want to give an update: Last year or so I picked up a book recommended to me by my friend, Melba. I did not read it then, but God reminded me of itContinue reading “Slowing Down”

A full heart…

I just finished some time this morning in Philippians. Wow. How easily we forget what our lives are about. In Philippians, Paul writes as an imprisoned man. If I wrote from prison, I think my letter would be quite depressing. “The food here is awful…You would never believe what the people talk about…I get harassedContinue reading “A full heart…”

Where has the time gone?

Summer was just beginning, and now it’s gone. Poof, and I am much more tired than when it began. How can that be? Summer is traditionally the time for rest in our house. During the school year, there are at least 2-3 nights a week where one or both of us are gone, and weContinue reading “Where has the time gone?”

A little get-away…

I have been absent from blogging life this past month with my in-laws visiting, WDC stuff, helping friends, and overall busyness. Because I am linked to Jacob and Beth Winn’s blog about their twins, more and more people I know have been reading and learning about what is going on in my life. That isContinue reading “A little get-away…”

Letting go…

This has been a particularly emotional week for me. It started last week with the preparations for my niece, Brittany’s wedding (where in the process, I began taking double the amount of hormones for infertility). The wedding was wonderful, even though, it was an adventure with rain and relocation. Instead of outside in the rainContinue reading “Letting go…”

An update

       I sit here on a rainy Saturday afternoon in my pajamas listening to the wonderful music of my dog, Bailey, playing “devil box” in the backyard.  The new wood fence is up, and I can enjoy an afternoon of Bailey playing and not escaping.  I cannot tell you the last time IContinue reading “An update”

The practice of thanksgiving

       Here we are again, Thanksgiving week.  And, here I am again, a little bitter that the consumerism of Christmas is overshadowing the reflection work that is needed in our hearts as we learn to practice thankfulness.          My dream this year?  To sit with those I love and reflectContinue reading “The practice of thanksgiving”

Thoughts from my weekend…

This weekend I had a variety of experiences. On Friday, Greg and I got to catch the movie, “Fireproof.” It is not filled with Oscar winning acting, but I really enjoyed it. Greg was “pleasantly surprised” too…which is a huge deal. He went for me expecting little. The movie took an honest look at relationships,Continue reading “Thoughts from my weekend…”