Your personal state of the union

Nope--not gonna get political, however, I am going to get personal. There are an amazing amount of moving parts in our lives. Mixed with an inordinate amount of information coming our way, and the more we know, the more we can be paralyzed in the execution. We can feel like we "should" be doing more… Continue reading Your personal state of the union

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Contrary to Popular Opinion…

You are not enough. You read it right. That's offensive, huh? I am NOT saying you do not have worth. I am NOT saying that you do not have value. I am NOT saying you cannot do hard things. I am NOT saying you are not tough. I am NOT saying you are a failure.… Continue reading Contrary to Popular Opinion…

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2018 Year-End Ebenezer Awards

My counselor often says--"take time to write that down, Jen." How can we so easily forget the beautiful provisions and lessons that are so life changing? We have amnesia of the moment.  Whatever is right in front of us gets our attention. So, I am writing it down--"blogging it forth"--"setting the Ebenezer up" to remind… Continue reading 2018 Year-End Ebenezer Awards

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branding and the heart

Persona:  The aspect of someone's character that is presented to or perceived by others The buzz these days in business, in ministry, in the non-profit world, in sports, in politics, and on social media is building a personal brand.  We all have one, and some of us are experts in tapping into it and being… Continue reading branding and the heart


Heart Questions for the Believer in Business: Part 2 Carrots aren’t just for Bunnies

With a background in growing up in an education and ministry family and choosing to be in ministry and school counseling, I had never had an opportunity to see efforts being rewarded with higher pay or bonuses.  It was more an intrinsic reward.  I got paid for my work, but for most helping professions, the pay… Continue reading Heart Questions for the Believer in Business: Part 2 Carrots aren’t just for Bunnies