Kudzu to you and you and you

As a kid, I remember looking up from the car window at a patch of Kudzu in two different spots in my hometown. I thought those vines were so beautiful. Like all things, adulthood brings an entirely different and deeper understanding to what once was thought good and beautiful. One day last week, Greg saidContinue reading “Kudzu to you and you and you”

You Know I Don’t Like Waffles!!!

This morning, my youngest exclaimed “You know I don’t like waffles!” It was news to me since he begs for them consistently. It was proclaimed as an indictment against my motherhood. As I coached him about how to say things in the future, the mirror was held up to my heart. My oldest son growledContinue reading “You Know I Don’t Like Waffles!!!”

Pearls of Great Price

These last two years have been challenging for all of us as a collective group of humans, huh? We have experienced differing levels of loss, grief, frustration, anger, sadness, disappointment. Some are barely crawling now under the weight of their jobs or their families. My heart goes out to leaders, educators, medical professionals, pastors whoContinue reading “Pearls of Great Price”