A little break…

Blogging has been really good, but it can be a bit all-consuming.  I am excited about sharing my thoughts and encouragement, but I found myself on the computer a lot last week.  It seems that between the internet, the radio, the T.V. and people noise, that I needed some rest.   When I was a freshman in college, I went through a time when I learned about fasting from the media.  I attempted one week during the summer (which lasted one day) to avoid reading the paper, listening to music, watching tv (and the internet was around but it was above my head).  In fact, now that I think about it, life was simpler then.  (As you read this and think I sound 80, remember I am just 32).  I did not even have a cell phone.  But, back on topic…  It was extremely hard.  I wanted noise all the time.  Even though I did not make it a week, I did pull a media fast once in a while for a day or even an afternoon.   The noise has just increased…with the computer, cell phones (where there is never a way to hide), facebook, myspace, email, blogs, more people.  God calls us in the Psalms to “Be still and know that I  am God.”  This is a discipline.  This will NEVER happen by accident. In fact, all the things that “make life easier” also tend to imprison us to noise all the more.   So, all this to say, I did not get on the computer this weekend.  It was refreshing.  I did not miss it.  I think this will be a regular practice in the quest for “disciplining myself for godliness.” It is funny that the things that can be started for good (a blog, facebook page, etc) can ensnare us quickly where we lose our focus.  We sang a song yesterday morning that said:  

 “Spirit now living and dwelling within me   

Keep My eyes fixed ever on Jesus face.

Let not the things of this world ever sway me,

I’ll run til I finish the race.” 

Oh, that is my prayer.  May I throw off the things that so easily entangle me!  By the way, another good practice is riding in your car in silence.  It creates space for prayer, listening, and rest.  Have a great day! 

Published by jenpinkner

45 years old Married Mom to 2 From Tennessee

2 thoughts on “A little break…

  1. Excellent thought…I find myself clammoring for something to look at…some distant communication with a distant friend…something to fill up an empty space. It’s kind of like filling up an empty place in your stomach with McDonald’s. I am so guilty of trading real relationship-building with a comment on facebook or myspace…even a quick cell phone convo in the car.

  2. Thanks, Elisa. It is funny when we take the time to reflect what we see we have been doing. I appreciate your transparency.

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