A request for prayer

         The blog world changes everything conventional…so unconventionally I am putting out several requests for prayer.  We are praying for the God of the impossible to work.  

         Greg had his second official doctor’s appointment for RA on Friday.  In that time, the doctor switched him to a new medicine…it is a very good medicine with a very high price.  This medicine has a two-fold reason…Greg’s health and the possibility for us to try to conceive.  (This is against everything in me to put this on my blog, but I really want prayer and need to put away my pride.)  The medicine he has been on is not conducive to having a baby.  Greg was encouraged when he woke up Sunday morning because he felt better, and as the day wore on after speaking, he felt bad again.  But, we will take any encouragement.  

        Ways that you can pray:  

1)  The insurance company will stop laughing at us and cover the medicine

 2)  That God provide a means through the drug company or other provision 

       to cover the medicine

3)  The medicine will work in his body

4)  That we will be thankful and trust God in all circumstances

            As we worshipped as a body yesterday, I was reminded that I am but dust in the span of time.  God is so big…powerful….mighty…beautiful…amazing (words are piddly things to describe Him).  I look at situations with finances or fertility or relationships or people’s hearts and see the impossible every time.  With one look at my heart, I see the miracle of His power.  A dead, god-hating, sin lover who only cared about myself was transformed and is transformed daily by His hand to begin to love Him and want to walk in righteousness and be broken over sin.  He spoke the universe out of nothing and He spoke life into my heart.  He has worked centuries before me and will past me.  My prayer is that I be more concerned with knowing Him and His heart rather than spouting off my list of prayer requests, but in that, I know that He asks me to bring my requests to Him.  I pray that my heart be transformed to trust in Him will all my heart, to love Him with everything, and to obey Him.  He has placed before Greg and I the opportunity in a mighty way to trust in ALL things.  I pray that He give us the strength, the humility, the perseverance to be found faithful.



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45 years old Married Mom to 2 From Tennessee

5 thoughts on “A request for prayer

  1. Hey Jen-

    Thanks for your encouraging words. Jen and I are praying for you and Greg. Strong arms surround you.


  2. Prayers are definitely with you. I don’t know you guys personally, but I go to Fellowship. While I know things are difficult, the fact that you are both keeping your eyes on the Lord throughout this makes Him smile. Keep remembering there IS light at the end of this tunnel.

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