Jack and his fan club

The first few weeks of life, Moms, Nana and Paige all came to spend time with us.  My mom, Moms, was here the first ten days.  Greg’s mom, Nana, and sis, Paige came when Jack was two weeks.  Also, lots of other friends and family welcomed Jack-Jack into the world.

Jack, Aunt Boo and the Winn Twins
Nana and Jack at two weeks
Uncle Charley (98) holding Jack at 1 day--only the 4th baby he's ever held
Audrey with Baby Jack--"Aunt Jen, I prayed for Baby Jack"--so sweet
Aunt Amber with Jack
"I've got lots of Aunts!"--Aunt Cindy, Audrey and Jack
Sam (future babysitter) and Beth and Jack
Moms and Jack
Jack and Aunt B

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45 years old Married Mom to 2 From Tennessee

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