Daniel Smith

My friend, Daniel, is in the presence of God now. He will never suffer again. He died yesterday afternoon. His battle with cancer lasted 6 months, and in that time period, it sounds like he shared with many people about the hope he has in Christ (has being the correct tense because he is with him now). Daniel was joyful, talented, hilarious, contagious, loving, kind, intelligent–an all around wonderful person. His hope was found in Christ, and he shared that and encouraged others to share that, as well.
As he is in the presence of Jesus, he will not suffer, but his family and friends are exhausted and hurting. Please pray for them. Also, please pray for all who have heard the message of Christ through Daniel’s personal interaction, his family’s interaction, his blog which blessed so many people, and Daniel’s friends who have been encouraged to share the hope found in Christ. Pray that God would continue to be glorified by those coming to new life in Christ in response to this message of hope. The message he passed on was eternal.
I am blessed to have known him as my friend.

Published by jenpinkner

45 years old Married Mom to 2 From Tennessee

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